June 26, 2007

Havoc reeked upon recessive undergrowth
The shrubs resurface after the rain
They have no claim to glacial heritage
Pruned, they resemble not themselves
Treated by the dirt’s seminal avarice
They climb the wall to escape the sun
Stretching to become from stolid mortar
They are dried and unrooted and dying
Beneath they stake a claim to geoderm
Humbled by their inability to crush
The dream to twist, to shake the sun
Remaining beneath, they are pruned again.


Repetitious Descension

June 26, 2007

If I began to tumble down
With glass and laughter all around
I think I’d close my eyes and say
“I’m sorry that I cannot stay
But I have places I must be
The ground lies flat awaiting me
Appointments there for tears to shed
Nothing more to fear or dread
I’m racing now with time to be
The perfect model all can see
So don’t wait up for me to call
I do not plan to rise at all.”

I’ve struggled hard and fought to stand
Without the aid of other hand
It’s my time now to take a bow
Continue down until my brow
Caresses softly dirt and grime
I’ll have no need for love or time
My body mangled, ripped, and torn
Reminded of the pain I’ve born
Fallen down then trampled flat
All practiced when I stood and sat

I’ll feel at home with mud below
Above they’ll fly and see and crow

Degraded maybe yes I’ll be
Them spitting, crushing, bleeding me
But whose to say it’s any change
Only legs to rearrange
I will tumble – truth to crawl
For I will not be missed at all
They have made my sister dirt
Disregarded claims of hurt

But I heard them when they cried
All thoughts of treatment past aside
And though it’s they who pushed me down
Thinking in my blood I’d drown
And though I’m bastard of the dust

She is not the one I trust
It’s comfort in traditions past
Again, again, I lie at last.


June 26, 2007

winding through tunnels beneath
     corrupt apprehension
it gurgles and happens upon
     streets of wine
disgusted by ignorant turns
     and distractions
it waits by the telephone
like everyone else


June 26, 2007

and on the last days the world will know only
gluttony and extravagance and as the people drown
in pools of wine from one another cyring and
laughter will be indistinguishable

Home Sweet Home

June 26, 2007

Home Sweet Home
Replete with bed sheets and tonic water
Conducive to the quiet, gentle type
Solemnity, it could be said
Seeking means to pacify
Seeking means to pacify the family life
The words, the music
From different voices, from different rooms
That to be silenced – exonerated
Had I a hat, I’d hang it.


June 26, 2007

Be still the blooming cherry blossoms
Increasingly marinating the flavor of the morning
Another habitual surveillance of the scene
Habitually gratifying, but terminally lonely
I wonder if a butterfly is slow to anger

No, i don’t.

In Memoriam

June 26, 2007

A comfortable setting
Familiar warbling and riced potatoes
An evening for belonging
For redundant recollection and intergenerational fancy
An end eagerly anticipated
Forgetting our names
Abuela rocked back and forth
Forth and back until finally
Funeral. One less potatoe to peel
Absence slowly acknowledged and quickly